Marie Phillips

Marie Phillips

I have always been a lover of words, spoken, written or sung and of  the creative arts in general . As with many people I know, once my schooling was over, my relationship with writing for its own sake also ceased. The life of a mother and wife rarely required more of my language skills than  minute taking for various committees and shopping lists.

In the years it has taken to see my three daughters schooled and off exploring their own lives, I have read ,involved myself in local theatre and musical theatre productions at the same time as supporting my girls in their speech and drama pursuits.

Through my love of photography, and my youngest daughters belief that I needed a platform to share my images on, I opened an Instagram account where I often used quotes by others to accompany my shots. From this beginning I progressed to using my images as a springboard to writing my own thoughts. The response to my attempts garnered such positivity from total strangers that it encouraged me to explore words anew especially in poetic form.

My work is still in its fledgling stages but with the support of the Te Aroha writers I hope to develop and hone my skills at the same time as being exposed to the styles and talents of other group members.