Margaret Hunter

For Margaret Hunter, the writing life began in Auckland in 1982, with an article being accepted by More magazine. A move to Hamilton led  to a couple of short stories being published in the Waikato Times.  TheMostImportantThings.JPG

Then work left no time for writing until this year, when a book of short stories and two mini biographies  The Most Important Things were published.

Reviews/comments for Most Important Things:

“Interesting stories beautifully described in New Zealand settings that give readers a sense of being there.”

“I enjoyed reading the book, especially the short biographies.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book and thank you for giving me such pleasure.”

“I laughed out loud, wept and thought deeply. A delightful book.”

“When is the next book coming out?

The most satisfying part of writing this book has been that, to date, $400.00 has been donated from book sales to the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society. It is hoped that this sum will continue to grow.

Let me encourage you

As a great grandmother, I would encourage anyone with an inkling to write, to give it a go. It is never too late and your family will be very proud of you. Do join a writers group if you can. Encouragement, support and good advice can be invaluable.

Margaret Hunter

Te Aroha