status The Real Rule for Writers

For each and every writer, the writing life is something different.

  • A quiet few hours as the sun rises
  • A few minutes stolen from an otherwise busy day
  • A practical activity, a job like any other
  • The activity of a driven dreamer, a tortured artist
  • Explorations of language and lyricism
  • Deviously plotted fiction
  • Meaningful memoir, a way to share a life of insights and experience
  • Practical expressions of knowledge

It’s writing for personal pleasure, for publication, for expression, for income, and a myriad variations and combinations of all of the above, all depending on lifestyle, passion and personality.

Most forms of writing have standards, and the writer who wants readers will get to know the standards and write to them but, in reality, there is only one real rule for the writer.

A writer must write

The only questions are where and when, and the only person who can answer that question is the writer.

You want to be a writer? Choose a time. Choose a place, and begin writing. There. You are a writer.

Don’t know what to write? No matter.  Just begin. Write what you like to read. Rewrite a fairy tale with a modern twist. Tell the story of your life. Tell the story of what you wish your life was; write what you know.

Just write, and you will be a writer.


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